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Natural Phenomenon

Catatumbo Lightning is like a common thunderstorm. Contrary to usual thunderstorm it always takes place in the same place andcan be observed 140-160 nights per year, 10 hour long.
Thunder strarts approximately one hour after the dawn. It is very intense, there can be observed 20.000 flashes one night. Single lightning are 100.000-400.000 amperes strong - like common average positive lightning,
Lightning often is orange and red. Forthe most part, it is not audible, only sometimes there is heeard distant thunder.

What are the characteristics of Lightning Catatumbo?
1. Happens all the times
2. Lightning seemed to say
3. The flash of light is visible up to a distance of hundred of kilometers

What is the process of creating Lightning Catatumbo?
1. The occurence of gas clouds
The Catatumbo river flows through a large swamp containinga lot of decomposed organic matter. As a result of the decay ofthe these organic materials, gas clouds are formed.
2. Gas clouds collide with strong winds
The g…
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Edu Passion

Edu Passion, on January 24. Various kinds of universities gather here. some from Bandung to Yogyakarta. This university displays their strengths to invite students to enter their university. we were told to interview several universities. about ten universities we interviewed. we ask what department is most in demand, how long is the longest course. there are also seminars for several universities. those who want to take part in the seminar can come there, from 1th grade to 1th grade. But I and my group don't come there because we have to interview various universities. there are several universities that provide souvenirs that come to their stands. from books, pens and bags. we finished the Edu at around 2 o'clock.


Hello everybody!! Come back again with me!! Today I will share my experience while in Bakti Desa or Bakdes.
This activity was divided into several groups. I'm one group with Fara, Nifela and Sekar.
This story begins on January 3 until January 6, 2019.

The first day, on January 3, we gathered at the school parking lot at seven o'clock. We went to Kertasari Village using public transportation. The trip from the school to the village takes around 3 hours. When we arrived, we went straight to our friends to gather, because we used different public transportasion. After everything arrived, we were told to gather at the village hall. There we were greeted by the village head and given lunch. After that, we were told where to visit and inhabit. Our class has a place at RT 02. We all go there.

The place from the village hall is quite far, the journey to get there must pass through the main road and the market, then enter the small alley towards RT 02.
after arriving at RT 02, we gathe…

My self

Hello everybody!! My name is Lailatul Mufarroha. My friends usually call me Laila or Lae. I was born in Serang on January, 18th 2002. I dont have any sibling.

My character. People thinking, I'm calm, ...,. According to people who dont know me. And my friends thinking, I'm calm, humor, and cheerful. But, according to my version its different. I'm calm, ..., always thinking positive, not easy to panic Having a calm nature and not easily panic makes me rather difficult. I always calm when people panic, I always calm when my friends get bad grades even thoug I'm too. I dont know that good for me or not.

My hobby is watching anime, reading manga online and listening music. When I have free time, sometimes I use it for watch anime. At first I just wanted to watch one episode.. but ..... Hehe. If  I dont have stock anime, I use it to read manga online. But before that, i had finished my assignment.

At school I attended extracurricular KPA and Pramuka. At Pramuka I was still a…

Analyze Invitation Letter

1. Purpose
The purpose of invitation letter is invite class 12 to attend the seminar.

2. Salutation or greeting
Dear students.

3. Contain
Seminar "Keep Pessimistic Thoughts"

4. Date, Time and Place
Date : September 12th, 2018
Time : at 08.00 A.M.
Place : SMAN 3 Bandung

5. Signature
Chief Executive

6. Kind of letter
Formal invitation

Exposition Text

Asian games are sports event held every four years and held by the Asian Olympic Council.
The 18th Asian Games was held on August 18 to September 2, 2018 with funds of more than 44 trillion. Around 42.8 trillion is part of the government and the rest is sponsored by the company.
There are several benefits gained from asian games, including :
First. Attract investors. The Asian Games are very prestigious international titles. If this opportunity can be exploited by Indonesia by showing off its potential, it is not impossible that the Asian Games will be the door for the entry of foreign investment in the future.
Second. Creating jobs. Based on INASGOC data, the organizing committee has contracted 500 to 1,000 workers to become employees during the three-month event.
Those are some of the benefits that Indonesia gets from asian games. There are still many benefits to be gained from that, such as the return of capital. But until now there is no known amount of return capital.

The use handphone in the classroom

The use handphone in the classroom.

I have a two answer, agree and disagree.
I agree becbeca it can facilitas us in learning. Like jn presentation, find for references or others. And if there are important events, we can directly contact parents.
I disagree because it can interfere with the concentration learning and dont respect the techer.