Analyze Invitation Letter

1. Purpose
The purpose of invitation letter is invite class 12 to attend the seminar.

2. Salutation or greeting
Dear students.

3. Contain
Seminar "Keep Pessimistic Thoughts"

4. Date, Time and Place
Date : September 12th, 2018
Time : at 08.00 A.M.
Place : SMAN 3 Bandung

5. Signature
Chief Executive

6. Kind of letter
Formal invitation

Exposition Text

Asian games are sports event held every four years and held by the Asian Olympic Council.
The 18th Asian Games was held on August 18 to September 2, 2018 with funds of more than 44 trillion. Around 42.8 trillion is part of the government and the rest is sponsored by the company.
There are several benefits gained from asian games, including :
First. Attract investors. The Asian Games are very prestigious international titles. If this opportunity can be exploited by Indonesia by showing off its potential, it is not impossible that the Asian Games will be the door for the entry of foreign investment in the future.
Second. Creating jobs. Based on INASGOC data, the organizing committee has contracted 500 to 1,000 workers to become employees during the three-month event.
Those are some of the benefits that Indonesia gets from asian games. There are still many benefits to be gained from that, such as the return of capital. But until now there is no known amount of return capital.

The use handphone in the classroom

The use handphone in the classroom.

I have a two answer, agree and disagree.
I agree becbeca it can facilitas us in learning. Like jn presentation, find for references or others. And if there are important events, we can directly contact parents.
I disagree because it can interfere with the concentration learning and dont respect the techer.


Topic : This House Would Not Use National Examination For Gradutiaon Standart.

Opening Goverment
Adila : National exams standart in Indonesia have goal for score not study for progress.
Opening Oposition
Renna : National exam can be used to find out the current condition of education in Indonesia.

Speaker 2
Nadhira : The test is cognitive, but if it is only seen in school atittudes, skills and knowledge.
Vira : as learning activition improvemen of facility in Indonesia.

Speaker 3
Sabrina : Will this exams, student will can cheat.
Athaya : She not agree because is it will more cheat, manipulate a question. It is because the learning system is more difficult.

Speaker 4
Ridwan : Good for our ration improve Indonesia education. If cheating we should gibe the student knowledge about that.
Yusuf : If you want to leave a good grade, you have to work harder. So the student wouldnt be lazy.

Formal Letter


Edu Passion

Hello Guys!! Today I would share my vlog group when we in Edupassion!

Edu Passion is an event that heid by my school. In Edu Passion, many universities are coming to promote.
So... Enjoy the video!!