Conversation With a Stranger

In the SMA 3 hall, there's an event going on for the new students. It was called PLIST Putri and Laila was having a conversation

Putri : "Assalamualaikum"
Laila : "Waalaikumsalam"
Putri : "I am Putri. What your name?"
Laila : "I am Laila. Where are you come from?"
Putri : "I am from Cimahi, but I've just moved to Bandung. What about you?"
Laila : "I am from Bandung. How do you feel  when you're on the first day in SMA 3?"
Putri : "I felt nerveous on this first day, because I haven't got my friends"
Laila : "Don't worry. I can be your friends"
Putri : "What did you come in SMA 3?"
Laila : "It was because my parents told me, that SMA 3 is a great school"
Putri : "Yes!! This was my reason to be a student in here too. I believe that i could be a better person here, and get some new expriences"
Laila : "Agreed"
Putri : "What extraculliculer are you interested …

About Me

Hello everyone !!!  My name is Lailatul Mufarroha, you can call me Laila or Ela. I was born in Serang, Indonesia on the 18th of January 2002. I live in Bandung with my parents. I live at jl. Cicendo Gg. Pajiping No. 14. 
I am 15 years old. I was a student in 3 highschool in Bandung. At school, i dont have many friend just  my classmates and and my collagues were at school earlier

I am have a short hair, i wear a veil. I have big eyes with dark brown eyes. My height is 156 cm and my weight is 47 kg. My hobby is watching anime and listening music Japan. I have the dream of going to Japan, because Japan has unique tradition and various festivals.  My favorite colour is orange, blue, grey, and black. My favorite food is chicken and rice(?) and my favorite drink is dragon fruit jus and water.